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Office Movers

Office Movers

Are you planning an office relocation? There is no reason to be overwhelmed by all the equipment, electronics, files, and supplies which need to be moved. Cypress Movers specializes in office moves and knows exactly how to coordinate the relocation so it goes smoothly, quickly, and stress-free. Contact us today to schedule a free in-office moving estimate. (832) 497-1027

Our Office Relocation Services

Cypress Movers is a licensed, insured professional moving company with a fulltime staff of trained movers. We understand how important it is for your business that everything goes smoothly during the office move. To ensure there are no problems, we have a moving coordinator who will work with your team to make sure every detail has been accounted for. Here are just some of the office relocation services we offer. If you are in need of moving services which are not listed, feel free to contact us to find out how we can help.

  • Full and partial packing services
  • Electronics packing
  • Cubicle takedown and reassembly
  • Inventory services
  • File packing
  • Temporary storage solutions
  • Weekend and evening moves
  • Rigging and craning services for large machinery
  • Packing supplies delivery
  • And more!

What to Expect with Our OfficeRelocation Services

At Cypress Movers, we have helped offices of all sizes relocate. Each job is unique and we always work closely with the office managers to ensure the transition goes smoothly – including the period leading up to the move and after it. The first step is to schedule a free in-office moving estimate. An experienced moving agent will come over and assess the amount and type of materials you have to move, and also discuss your needs. By giving our estimates on-site, we are able to make sure no detail is overlooked and provide you with very accurate quotes.

Once you decide to use our office relocation services, we will send over a formal contract with the price quote, services, and your dates. We are very flexible with our relocation services and can do weekend and evening moves so you can avoid downtime. Many clients prefer to use our professional packing services for their office relocation, but you may choose to have your employees pack up instead. If you do use our packing services, then we will send a team over the evening before moving day or, for smaller moves, the same day.

Our movers are all professionals and will handle your belongings with care. Items are moved and loaded with equipment like dollies and hydraulic lifts. This equipment means the move goes faster while also reducing the risk of injury and damages.

We encourage you to check with your building managers to make sure the loading dock, elevator, parking spaces, etc. are free on moving day. Many buildings have rules about when deliveries can occur and which entrances can be used for relocations.

Packing Services for Office Relocations

Offices typically have many items which are difficult to pack, such as files and electronics. When done by people without experience, it can take weeks to pack up all of these items. The packing may be done improperly, which can result in damages or items getting lost. Cypress Movers takes the pain out of packing with our professional packing services. We have a special team of packers just for office relocations. These professionals know exactly how to take apart cubicles, how to pack up desks, how to pack files, and much more.

The goal of our packing services isn't just to pack everything quickly and safely. It is to make sure that everything can be unpacked easily after the relocation is complete. You don't want to suffer downtime because your employees are too busy searching through boxes for an important document!

To ensure packing is done in a coordinated manner, we work with your office team to create "packing zones." The office will be divided into zones, and each zone assigned its own color. This makes unpacking go much easier and ensures no items are misplaced.

Moving Insurance for Office Relocations

As a FMCSA licensed moving company, all of our moving services are covered by basic insurance, which means you will be compensated for any damages based on the weight of the item. We understand that this insurance coverage isn't always adequate for our commercial business customers who require additional peace of mind. For this reason, we offer additional moving insurance – including Full Coverage insurance. We also encourage our customers to look into their current business insurance plans as relocation damages are often included.

Cost of Office Relocation Services in Cypress, TX

Are office relocation costs are based on a competitive hourly rate. The rate fluctuates depending on the number of movers you require, which is usually 3 to 5 movers depending on the size of the office. Specialty services such as rigging and craning and storage are charged on a separate rate.

We provide free in-office moving estimates. Contact us today to schedule your moving estimate and find out how affordable professional relocation services can be. (832) 497-1027

Office Relocation FAQs

  • What is considered a local move?

    Typically, any move which is less than 100 miles or is within Harris County is considered a local move

  • Do you offer packing services?

    Yes! We offer partial and full packing services. This includes packing services for electronics and specialty items.

  • How do you pack and move electronics?

    We have special crates for electronics like computers and printers. These reinforced crates help us ensure your valuable equipment stays safe during the move.

  • Do you move modular furniture?

    All of our movers are trained to disassemble, move, and reassemble modular furniture (cubicles). This can all be done on moving day.

  • Can you do evening and weekend moves?

    Yes! We can help you reduce downtime by performing the entire move (including packing and unpacking) on an evening or weekend.

  • Are your movers trained?

    Our movers are all background-checked, have years of experience in the industry, and go through extensive training before making it to our office moving team.

  • What moving insurance do you offer?

    All of our moving services are covered by basic insurance. We also offer full coverage moving insurance when you use our packing services. Please understand that we cannot offer full coverage on items we did not pack ourselves. We encourage you to look into what coverage is also available through your business insurance.

  • How do you move large, heavy equipment?

    We can use rigging and craning to move large and heavy equipment. We also have equipment like dollies and hydraulic lifts to ensure items are moved quickly and safely.

  • How do you reduce downtime?

    We specialize in helping businesses reduce downtime related to their relocation. This is achieved by performing the move on weekends or evenings, by using professional equipment and movers to get the job done faster, and ensuring steps are taken to reduce complications – like reserving the elevator and loading dock.

  • Can you remove items we don't want?

    If you have items that you won't be taken with you to the new office, we can dispose of them or donate them to charity for you.

  • What if something changes at the last minute?

  • Do you perform all moving services yourself?

    Virtually all of our moving services are performed by our own team. Some services may be performed by one of our reliable third-party partners, such as storage services. We will explain these services during your in-office estimate.

  • How do you protect the new office?

    We take steps to ensure no floors are scuffed or walls damaged. This can be achieved by putting down floor and carpet runners, and wall guards.