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Commercial Movers

Commercial Movers

Cypress Movers understands that commercial relocations require special care and the utmost attention to detail. That is why we have created a special team for commercial moving services. With our expertise, your business relocation will go off without a hitch! Contact us today to get a free on-site estimate. (832) 497-1027

Our Commercial Relocation Services

When it comes to commercial relocations, each case is truly unique. A restaurant has very different needs than that of a spa, and even two businesses in the same industry can have very different needs. We cater to all of our clients' needs by taking the time to listen to them and work closely with their moving managers. Whether you are worried about meeting a strict deadline, preventing downtime, or keeping your valuable equipment safe during the relocation, we have the solutions you need.

Here are just some of the commercial relocation services we offer. If you are in need of a moving service which is not offered, feel free to contact us to find out how we can help.

  • Lcal and long distance commercial moves
  • Restaurants, retailers, hotels, spas, warehouses and more
  • Office equipment moving
  • Computer and electronics moving services
  • Complete packing services
  • Custom crating services
  • emporary storage solutions
  • Rigging and craning services
  • Moving insurance

What to Expect with Commercial Relocation Services

The first step to planning a commercial relocation is to call us and schedule an estimate. During the estimate, an agent will come to your business and take a general inventory of items you have. The agent will determine whether any specialty services are needed (such as rigging and craning to move heavy equipment out of tight spots). After the assessment, the agent will be able to provide you with a moving estimate. Thanks to our years of experience in the moving industry, we are able to provide very accurate quotes. Local moves are charged based on an hourly rate, plus additional fees for specialty services.

If you decide to use our moving services, we will send over a formal contract. At this point, your dates will be set. You are free to add on any other moving services you may need. We pride ourselves in being able to anticipate clients' needs and will give you a direct line to one of our support staff for any assistance you might need. We can help with the details you might have overlooked, such as ensuring that parking is reserved for the new premises and that floor plans are created.

Many clients use our packing services for commercial moves. In these cases, we usually come over the day before the relocation to pack everything. It is also possible to pack on moving day to reduce downtime. All of our movers have been carefully screened, background checked, and are professionals in the industry. You can rely on them to handle your items with care.

Here are some of the points where Cypress Movers stands out from the competition:

  • Fulltime staff of professional movers
  • Specializing in commercial relocations
  • All movers background checked
  • Moving insurance options
  • Full packing services
  • We handle items with care!
  • GPS-equipped moving trucks
  • Inventory services
  • Professional equipment, dollies, and lifts
  • Free on-site moving estimates

Packing Services for Commercial Relocations

Packing for your commercial relocation can be very time consuming and leave your business in a chaos of boxes for months. Let us take the pain out of moving with our professional packing services. We have special teams just for commercial moves who know how to pack your equipment, and we pack it with a plan!

The goal of our packing services isn't just to pack your business quickly and safely. The goal is to pack items in a coordinated way so unpacking goes smoother. Often, after a commercial relocation, businesses find themselves in disarray as employees search through boxes to find an important document or equipment. To solve this problem, we divide your business into "packing zones." Each zone is assigned its own color, so the items can be grouped together and unpacking is easier. We can even pack your business in stages when necessary, or come late at night to pack up everything during off-hours. No matter what the packing challenge is, we are sure will find the right solution!

Moving Insurance for Commercial Businesses

All commercial business moves are covered by our Basic moving coverage based on the weight of the belongings. We understand that this isn't adequate for many businesses who would like extra assurance. Before purchasing our additional moving insurance, we advise you to look into your current business insurance policy and see what is already covered. If you decide that additional coverage is needed, we offer Full Coverage when you use our packing services. We are unable to provide full coverage for items we did not pack ourselves.

Cost of Commercial Relocation Services in Cypress, TX

Are professional relocation rates are calculated based on the services you actually need. You get everything you really need and never have to pay for the services you don't use. The cost of packing services and loading/unloading are based on an hourly rate depending on the number of movers you have. Additional services such as specialty packing materials and cubicle disassembly/reassembly are charged separately.

We offer free on-site relocation estimates. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate and find out how affordable professional moving services can be. (832) 497-1027

Commercial Business Relocation FAQs

  • What industries do you relocate?

    We have helped relocate many types of businesses, including those in the retail, restaurant, hotel, warehouse, and salon industries.

  • How do you pack electronics?

    We have special crates which are designed to transport electronics safely.

  • How do you move large machinery and equipment?

    Very large items are moved with rigging and craning. When necessary, we are able to move these items out through windows instead of doorways.

  • How can you reduce business downtime during the relocation?

    Each case is different but we take steps to help reduce the downtime your business experiences during the relocation. Some methods include moving entire filing cabinets without having to empty them, using professional equipment like cranes to speed up loading times, and coming on evenings or weekends to do the move.

  • What if the moving date changes?

    We understand that changes occur and we do our best to be flexible. With a large fulltime team of movers on staff and our own fleet of trucks, we can usually accommodate last-minute changes.

  • Are your movers trained?

    Yes! All of our movers are experts at what they do and have gone through extensive training. They are also background checked before being hired.

  • Can you help us get rid of items we don't need?

    If you have items that you don't want to take with you, we can take care of them for you. We will take items to a charity for donation, or to a disposal site.

  • Can you pack and move cubicles/modular furniture?

    Yes! All of our commercial movers are trained to move modular furniture, including take-down and reassembly.